Fall Family Outing

ARA Feria – a family outing

This Saturday 6 October last we had the chance to participate in the great Autumn Festival Ara Feria. Aria Feria It is a temporary installation activity of only 4 weekends. The site is accessible on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from September 29th to October 21st.

Located at 50 Rue du LT Ingall in St-Cahaya, the site offers more than forty activities so the majority are outside. Among these activities you can find the classic Tyrolean, a block of climbing and several inflatable games.

Moreover, since the exhibition is located on the same site as the extreme race, we are offered a Junior version of it which is about 400m (unlike the 5km proposed by the extreme race for adults). The entrance fee includes access to the extreme Junior race where children can access them as many times as they want, as long as the energy is on the go!

Some activities are a little more passive but remain unavoidable, such as visiting the observation tower. The fall beating its full, the lovers of colors will be delighted.

Autumn Colors

In addition to outdoor activities, we are also offered some indoor activities. Among the indoor activities children are called to visit an exhibition of exotic birds, take to geological observation by placing several types of stone under the microscope to observe the differences. There is also an exhibition about reptiles where you can see a small alligator, which changes the usual snakes and lizards.

But the tour would not be complete if we were missing out on creative or artistic activities. In effect, your children’s imagination will be stimulated by the outdoor percussion workshop where you will be asked to follow the pace proposed by the moderator. An interior coloring station is also fitted out, as well as a gigantic graffiti wall on which small (and large) people are invited to express themselves.

In closing, the success of the event is not only based on activities as such, but also on the staff that animates them, so the kiosk that presents us the different flags of the world suddenly becomes very interesting when it is Embellished by the questions and challenges proposed by the moderator.