December arrived

December is here: Ready, Party!

Ho Ho ho, here we are, December has arrived, always on time. With his sled full of preparations, frantic races, and with his playlist musical, composed of five repetitive songs to hear everywhere. Untrimmed Playlist like the last tree in the store, chosen by person. For this last month of the year, one is invaded by a thousand voices in our heads, to organize everything, to implement everything in record time. The working elves are not a myth, Santa Claus is our boss at all.

Top Start of Christmas list

There are decorations to fetch in dusty boxes. Remove the knots from the electric garland to put out. Change the dead bulbs. The inevitable decision to make: Fir in plastic or real fir. Take out the balls and break one in the lot. Dress up the tree with the children. Mediate to decide which of the two children will put the star at the top. Watch the cat lurking, looking at you, watching the tree, then looking at you again. Look at the cat in a threatening air, but not succeed in convincing the cat that you are dangerous. Turn around, and see your two children sitting in the middle of a pile of thorns fallen from the fir, with each one end of the symbolic star of the tree in the hand: regret not having taken a plastic fir. Force you to smile and stay calm with a silly air, while the cat looks at you the paw raised against the lowest ball of the tree. And there, your wife who gets panicked in the room, because her mother can not come for Christmas… There, everything is forgotten, you float on a cloud above the tree, the cat and your children, and you think that finally this is the magic of Christmas. You see she doesn’t forget anyone. Christmas is also the flourishing Montreal illuminations. The night falls early, but a study proves that the sooner you decorate your house for Christmas, the more positive and happy you are. So go ahead, decorate all your houses and leave the decorations all year round. A village of Santa Claus everywhere at all times, it would be the idea of the century against the gloom. Refueling fantasy and poetry would soften the morals. Too bad for electricity bills more blinding than your garden, magic is priceless. Go for a stroll on the Place des Arts Christmas market, eat hot chestnuts, skim the many stands to acquire the last minute gifts. Take the opportunity to refine the knowledge of your classics. Listen to the playlist of the five Christmas songs. There is inevitably one that you know less well, if, if, be honest. If not, if you know them perfectly, there is a song in 2018 to hear without fail: The best christmas album of the year by Abdominable. She will spice up the tradition and bring a good communicative mood during your preparations. This song will animate the festivities, surrounded by your family, you can choke to laugh singing in chorus, mouth full of stuffed turkey, insured confetti. Christmas is the party with the co-workers. You feel good, you let go, you allow yourself to make jokes to your boss who will never get out of this context because everything is allowed, the world is happy, blinded by the magical Christmas powder. You: “You know how I’m going to spend Christmas?” Your boss: “No…” “You:” Like gifts, drunk under the tree… ». And everyone will burst out laughing, without restraint, while two days before you almost lost your job for repeated absences (due to watery evenings). Magic when you hold us! More seriously, let’s not forget that Christmas is above all joy and love to offer itself without counting. Yes, everyone knows, but it’s good to say it again and again during the holidays. It is not necessary to heat up the credit card to prove to people that you love them. A presence, a glance, a smile, a small attention (a pebble painted with the feet for example), a good meal, a glass of wine and giggles. Good month of December at all, good preparations and a merry holiday season.