Buying a Home

Important information to purchase your first home

That’s it, it’s decided, you take the step of your door to become owner. A carefully thought-out decision, a new beginning, which is of significant importance. Personal investment and financial investment, let’s not leave anything to chance. You are certainly very playful, you imagine yourself already running happy days at home and you are right. However, in order to live serenely this investment of money, which will certainly be one of the most important in your life, it is essential to ensure that your future home, does not present any major hidden defect that would generate in the future expenses Unforeseen.

Inspection of your property

In order to avoid many surprises, a certified inspector can come and check your future home thoroughly, to assess, if any, the existing problems and the cost of the latter. This inspection is not mandatory, but it is strongly advised by the Quebec real estate brokerage self-regulatory body to anticipate and be able to pay for future costs. This action allows you, in case major problems are detected, to be able to negotiate the purchase price of your house with the seller. This service is offered to you for less than 1% of the overall price of your purchase. Why deprive yourself of it, peace of mind is priceless. This control could highlight, among other things, problems of construction conformity, and in particular reveal the possible presence of asbestos. It is not only your money but also your health and that of your loved ones, no hesitation to have, have all the keys in hand to approach the future serenely.

We’re moving

That’s it, the House of your dreams is finally yours, you are the owner and your house no longer has any secrets for you. However, it remains the least pleasant part, the one that seems to you a mountain to climb: the move. Make the cartons, move your furniture and all your goods, then the endless cleaning of your old home and your new home… No problem, with the key move in hand, you are no longer alone, all the steps related to your change of address are supported. The steps of the move related to your change of address are supported. From the cardboard of your most fragile objects, to the connection of all your electrical devices in your new home, to unpacking of cartons, nothing is left to chance. In order to save time, you get through these services the freedom to do what you like, while specialists take care of all your business. You will be able to carry out the administrative procedures, shopping or other things in peace of mind. The installation will be at your house during this time in the utmost respect of the instructions given in your contract. Our professional movers will ensure that your items, even the heaviest, will be treated as if they were theirs. Complete Expertise with the most advanced tools for the service to be optimal. You’re reassured, your new life can begin.